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Scrumptious Chicken & Scallop Flavor Bioline Cat Treats (5X15g)

Original price was: 250.00৳ .Current price is: 230.00৳ .
Bioline Cat Treats featuring the irresistible taste of chicken and scallops. Each pack contains five sachets of savory goodness, perfect for rewarding your beloved pet.

Tuna & Scallop Cat Treats by Bioline (5X15g)

Original price was: 240.00৳ .Current price is: 230.00৳ .
Bioline Tuna & Scallop Cat Treats. This pack contains five servings of 15g each, packed with high-quality ingredients. These treats offer a delectable blend of tuna and scallop flavors your cat will love. These treats will surely delight your furry companion, perfect for rewarding good behavior or simply showing your cat some love.